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  • Blue Cross Suction BM 1500W
  • Blue Cross Suction BM 1500W

Blue Cross Suction BM 1500W

Blue Cross Suction BM 1500W

Detailed Description
Product/Service Details: Blue Cross Portable Suction Units

Portable Suction Unit 3WAY-1500

A suction unit which is powerful, portable and rechargeable for use anywhere three power sources and a strong double pump.

High- Power// Rechargeable:
Easy to Use 3-Way Power Source
Rechargeable suction unit has the maximum size suction bottle - 1500mℓ
Rapid recharge system, take approx 1 hour using the built in AC Cord

* The recahrgeing system is easy to use because of its internal AC adaptor.
- Enchanced suction power from a twin high - speed double pump
- The internal battery allows 45 minutes of continuous use. AC mains allows 6 hours of continuous use, and a vehicle battery can also be used (Date verified by our company)
- A battery indicator lamp and buzzer warn when power is getting low
- The quiet high-power brushless DC moter means that operation is extremely quiet
- Excellent durability due to the brushless motor
- A double safety feature is the overflow prevention safety valve in both the suction bottle and the auxiliary bottle, which protect the pump
- A built-in silencer means very quiet operation. Electric switch is moisture-resistant
- AC cord is retractable. Unit case is made of anti-bacterial material

Suction Unit : 3WAY - 1500
Power Source (3-Way power source)

1. AC100-240V (50/60Hz)
2. DC12V car battery (w/cable)
3. Built-in rechargeable battery (12V1500mAh)

Class : Class II B-type equipment
Power : 70VA (Max.) (45W)
Suction Pump : Diaphragm-type/Twin pump
Max.Suction Pressure : -80kPa (-60 cmHg)
Exhaust air volume: 20ℓ/min (Max)
Suction Bottle : 1500 mℓ Made of Polycarbonate.
Unite Size : 38 x 15 x 26 cm
Weight : 3.40Kg

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Brand Name: MRS - Health Care
Place of Origin: Bangkok
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Health Care
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04 November 2013
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