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  • Piston Nebulizer Meganeb
  • Piston Nebulizer Meganeb

Piston Nebulizer Meganeb

Piston Nebulizer Meganeb

Detailed Description

Product/Service Details: Piston Nebulizer Meganeb

Sprayer MEGANEB is a retailer working by system cylinder compresser possess of efficacy 
by working from high compression made faster squirt and adated use for in family.

Special Qualification
Rate of press strength maximum : 0.8 bar.
Rate shedding of the air : 14 lit/minute.
Rate for working : continue 24 hour. 
Sound of level : 35 DB.
Particle of atom from medicine :5 mew.
Rate squirt moment open the lid 0.37 mm/minute.
Rate squirt moment close the lid 0.22 mm/minute.
Size to contain medicine maximum 8 ml. 

Maganep pistol
Original Place:
Brand Name:
MRS - Health Care
Last Update:
01 October 2013
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